How To Put Remote Work On Resume

Remote work is not just about working from home, but the skills you command to efficiently perform tasks remotely. Simply listing “remote work experience” without delving deeper into specifics results in a bland, uninformative narrative. Working remotely means you have many valuable digital communication and organization skills that a hiring manager would appreciate.

If the role requires familiarity with certain project management software or video conferencing tools, make sure you highlight your experience with those tools. Remote working requires a specific set of skills, such as time management, self-discipline, and communication. If you previously worked in a position that how to list remote work on resume was remote from the beginning, consider updating your job title to reflect that. If you have a skills section under your professional summary, work in a few that relate to your remote work experience. You could include relevant telecommuting technologies as a starting point, or add “remote” to the bullet point.

List quantifiable achievements from remote work

If you’re going to be freelancing from home, you’ll probably end up creating a ton of invoices. This includes the essentials like note-taking and sharing documents, to the more advanced stuff like creating spreadsheets and databases within the tool. If until now you’ve been using a million and one different tools for the different parts of your work, you can just use Notion to complete all your work from one place. Notion is another all-in-one workspace for teams and individuals to collaborate and stay organized together. Almost every type of remote work that exists, you’re bound to find it on Upwork.

  • That’s why you don’t need to provide them when you’re first applying for a job.
  • Save yourself the 1,300-mile trip and a fair few dollars along the way by undertaking the interview in the comfort of your living room or home office.
  • There are a few different ways to make it clear on your resume that you’ve worked remotely (or are open to remote work in the future).
  • And if a reference expresses a strong preference for a certain method of contact, it’s OK to put “(preferred contact)” next to that line on your reference list.
  • If you are still unsure how to customize your resume for remote work, turn to ZipJob’s free resume review tool.
  • A hiring manager or recruiter doesn’t have the ability to contact references for everyone who applies to an open position or even everyone they bring in for an interview.

Giving general details or just listing duties does not make you sound like that great of a candidate. Whether it is for your remote or other work experience, using quantities to describe achievements is the best method. This will show the recruiter that you can adapt to different situations and perform various tasks remotely. You can title it ‘Remote Work Experience’ and add all your relevant significant achievements there.

Add Your Experience With Remote Work Software

Don’t forget to show your dedication to your remote work, especially if you are applying for a remote position. Adding your work experience to titles is best for people who’ve held one position despite the number of remote jobs. This will let potential employers know that you fit the bill for their ideal candidate. If you’re not sure what skills are relevant to the remote job you’re applying for, search for the job using the tool below and it’ll give you a list of skills required for that position.

There are a ton of job categories on the site that you can’t find anywhere else (e.g. crypto jobs), and you can use the platform to find new job postings on a daily basis. conveniently breaks down remote work by the category, and shows the timestamp of each job post. It’s super easy-to-use, and the site is a great resource for quality jobs all over the world. HubStaffTalent is another free online job board for all things remote work.

Skills A Candidate For A Remote Job Should Demonstrate

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies are making the switch to remote work. Mark contributions as unhelpful if you find them irrelevant or not valuable to the article. You just have to figure out how to manage your time around those other engagements so that you can get your work done. Are you ready to place your order now and get a serious discount for the first order? Save yourself the 1,300-mile trip and a fair few dollars along the way by undertaking the interview in the comfort of your living room or home office.